Where do I Obtain a Restraining Order in Rhode Island? Family, District or Superior Court? The proper Court to file a restraining order in Rhode Island depends on the relationship that you have with the person who you are filing the restraining order against. This article explains the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island (RI) Family, District and Superior Court. This article also explains whether or not there are criminal or civil ramifications of violating certain restraining orders. This article also explains the difference between a restraining order and a no contact order. This article explains the jurisdiction of the Family Court to deal with issues concerning Rhode Island child Support, physical custody of the children and exclusive use of the home. [November 19, 2007 08:07:41 am]

How Do I Get My Personal Property When There Is A No Contact Order Or Restraining Order? This article addresses how to obtain personal belongings (property) such as clothes in Rhode Island (RI) when there is a criminal no contact order / Family Court restraining order or District Court Restraining Order in effect. When a person is arrested or a restraining order enters involving their wife or girlfriend who they reside with, the accused often needs to obtain his or her clothes and personal belongings. Personal belongings usually consists of personal property such as clothes, sneakers, toiletries, uniforms, work uniforms, personal effects etc. There are several proper ways for an accused to obtain his / her personal belongings when there is a no contact order / restraining order in effect: [March 27, 2008 08:22:57 am]

The Intersection of Family Law and Criminal Law in Rhode Island – Untangling the Web! This article explains in detail the intersection of Divorce, Family law and Criminal Law in Rhode Island. Criminal law cases often involve complex issues concerning divorce, child custody, restraining Orders, visitation, child support, division marital assets etc. This article was written by a Rhode Island criminal and family law attorney. [January 26, 2008 10:04:38 pm