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Which Parent is Entitled to Claim a Minor Child As a Dependency Exemption For Federal Tax Purposes? [Legal] This article written was written a Rhode Island Child Custody attorney. In Rhode Island who is entitled to claim the minor child or children as Dependency Exemptions for Federal tax Purposes? If there is no indication in a Divorce Final Judgment or Decision Pending Final Judgment or Property Settlement agreement as to who is entitled to claim the children as Dependency Exemptions then automatically the parent with Physical Placement / Physical Custody of the minor children is entitled to claim the child or children for Federal Tax purposes. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute to seeking advice from a Rhode Island…

Child Custody Law – The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem For the Minor Child in Family Court [Relationships:Post-Divorce] This article written by a Rhode Island Child Custody and child support Lawyer explains the role of the Guardian ad Litem in Rhode Island Custody, Visitation and placement cases. In Rhode Island (RI), A guardian ad litem is a individual who represents the hypothetical best interest of the minor child in a child custody, visitation or other type of Family Court case. The Guardian is not a lawyer for the minor child!

Top 8 Arguments That Don’t Work in Family Court! The Judges Have Heard it a Million Times Before! [Legal] These arguments will go in one ear and out the other with most Family Court Judges unless there is some real proof (evidence) supporting the basis of the argument. This article applies to all family law cases including divorce, child custody, paternity cases. This Article was written by a RI Child Custody and Rhode Island Divorce Lawyer.

Deferred Sale of Marital Home for the Best Intest of the Child – Rhode Island Divorce Law [Relationships:Divorce] Can the Rhode Island Family Court defer a sale of the marital home for the child/children? If one of the parties requests a deferred sale of the home, then the court must determine whether or not it is economically feasible for the person who is living in the home to pay the mortgage, liens, taxes and insurance on the home until the home is sold. In making that determination the court will look at the income of the resident parent, any alimony the parent receives, child support and other source of income to make those payments. The intent of this law is to prevent foreclosures, uninsured property, and deterioration of the marital home and to protect the parents’ equity in the house. R.I.G.L. 15-5-16 This article was written by a Rhode Island Divorce and Family Law Attorney.

Private School Education & College Education – RI Child Support FAQS [Legal] In Rhode Island (RI) Divorce and Child support cases, Can I get the father or mother of my child to be ordered to pay for private school education? Can I get the father or mother of my child to be ordered to pay for college? RI Law Article by Rhode Island Family Law Attorney David Slepkow

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